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Municipal Authority - About Us

Lehigh Township Telephone: 610-760-2459
Fax: 610-760-7022
E-Mail: ltma@rcn.com

Board Members:

Chairman - Carl Sharpe - term expires 2027
Vice Chairman - Stephen Arnold - term expires 2025
Secretary/Treasurer - Duane Deppe - term expires 2029
Asst. Sec./Treasurer - Matthew Motsko - term expires 2026
Board Member - Phillip Gogel - term expires 2028

Authority Manager - Dave Getz
Office Assistant - Jillian Tracy

Solicitor - Edward Andres - Corriere and Andres
Engineer - Angelika Forndran - Cowan Associates
Sewer Operations - Ken Fulford - K. L. Fulford Associates
Water Operations - Ken Fulford - K. L. Fulford Associates

Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM - 2:30 PM

Lehigh Township Municipal Authority is split into two separate operating companies.

The Sewer Company has two main wastewater treatment plants and four pump stations. The Danielsville treatment plant is located in the Lehigh Township complex at 1069 Municipal Road in Walnutport, PA. This plant services about 800 homes in Walnutport and Danielsville and processes an average of 125,000 gallons per day. There are three pump stations which relay the sewage through the distribution system to the Danielsville WWTP. They are located on Elm Road, Butternut Drive and Wood Drive.

The Pennsville treatment plant is located on Indian Trail Road in Pennsville. This plant services about 100 homes in Pennsville and processes an average of 10,000 gallons per day. There is one pump station in Pennsville, which is located on Cinchona Road.

Sewer Operations are handled by operators from K. L. Fulford Associates, Emmaus, PA.

The Water Company services the towns on Cherryville and Treichlers. The LTMA well is located on Blue Mountain Drive in Cherryville. There is a 6000 gallon underground tank at the Blue Mountain Drive site, with a 60,000 gallon tank located just off Route 248 in Cherryville. The well pumps an average of 17,500 gallon of water per day to the residents of Cherryville and Treichlers.

Water Operations are handled by Operator Ken Fulford, K. L. Fulford ASsociates.

A listing of current Sewer and Water rates can be found here.

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